Products - EB12T

The EB12T is the favourite of network developer and municipal companies. It is an ideal machine in towns with its small size and compact design. The highly manoeuvrable Toyota, which is also the symbol of reliability, is an ideal carrier-vehicle for the telescopic structure. The 4 hydraulic supporting stabilizers conducted in massive profiles perfectly stand the stress of berms in cities, and they have excellent balancing ability in case of sloping ground, so the machine can be used on inclined, ascending places, as well. The control cables are protected within the profile. The control is electro-hydraulic, and the stabilizing, levelling and function operations of the structure can be done easily, quickly and proportionally from the basket by the "Fingertip” joysticks. Lifting, rotating, telescoping… Lower control, by which almost all boom functions can be controlled at a medium speed, and the 230V socket in the basket are standard equipments. Automatic levelling option. The aluminium basket (or optionally, a basket made of fibreglass synthetic resin), completed by hand-protective rail, tool storage tray and double belt-join points, is comfortable and provides complete safety for the operators of the machines. Insulation against 1000V is standard for the structure.
The 230V socket is standard equipment of the basket.